Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One year

I have been a bit absent lately from blogging!  Life has been a bit crazy and hectic lately with work and party planning for my sweet little Miss :)  I really can't believe that I am writing this post that my baby girl is officially a year old!  WOW it seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital getting ready to have her!  This year has brought so much joy to my life with the addition of Emery.  She continues to grow and change daily and I am such a proud mommy.

Her first birthday party was a success.  We mainly just had family and close friends over and it was a lot of fun.  Her are some of the details.

 Here is my sweet baby girl all dressed up for her party!!!

Update: At your yearly doctors appointment on 10/14/13 you weighed in at 21lbs 10oz and measured at 29.5 inches tall. 
Below is her year in review pictures.  Looking back at all these pictures was so much fun :) Starting from the most recent.
September 12, 2013- 11 months old

August 12, 2013- 10 months old

July 12, 2013- 9 months old
Fourth of July 2013 (almost 9 months)

June 12, 2013- 8 months old
May 12, 2013- 7 months old
April 12, 2013- 6 months old
Easter 2013
St. Patrick's Day
March 12, 2013- 5 Months old
February 12, 2013- 4 months old
January 12, 2013- 3months old
New years 2013
December 21, 2012-Santa picture day
December 12, 2012- 2 months old
November- 1 month old

Our little Miss Emery!  looking back you were such a tiny little bean and I cannot believe this past year went by so quickly!!!!  It has been such a joy to watch your grow and change each and every month.  I will continue to tell you that you have changed our lives in so many ways. We feel so blessed God sent you to us and that we get to be your parents!  We love you more than anything in this world!!!! 

Kisses and Hugs your Mommy and Daddy

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

11 months

I say it every month but I cannot believe my baby girl is growing up so quickly!  Each month seems to just fly by.  Emmy continues to do new things each and every day and I am amazed by everything she does :) This time next month I will be posting her one year update!  I am already in full party planning mode and cannot wait to have her first birthday party. 

 Growth- Well at last check you weighed in at 20 lbs and were 29 inches tall.  You are still wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.  You most likely will be into 18 month clothing very soon.

New Happenings-This month you have learned to stand on your own for short-periods of time.  You are still hesitant on the hard floor but love standing on the bed where you aren't afraid to fall down :)  You have 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 still on the bottom.  You love to discover and get into new things.

Likes and Dislikes-  Bath time still seems to be your favorite time of day. You love to splash around and absolutely hate when mommy has to get you out.  You love to talk to whomever will listen at anytime of the day and are little Miss Social. You are not a fan of pictures anymore.  Really you just hate sitting still long enough for mommy's camera to take a picture.  You have learned how to throw fits when you don't get what you want.

Eating- You tried Mac and Cheese for the first time this month and LOVE everything about it! You are trying more and more things and there isn't anything that you don't like so far.  You are such a good eater and I am so thankful you aren't picky!

I will continue to say how blessed we are to have such a sweet baby girl!  We are so lucky that you are healthy and happy (most of the time :)  We love you lots Mimi!!!!

Kisses and hugs,
Your Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Baby Shower throwback post

Baby Shower One year ago on Onto Baby blog-  My baby shower was featured last year on this darling blog that I love!!!!  Here is the original post http://www.ontobaby.com/2012/09/darling-pink-baby-shower/ but thought I would share it on my own personal blog too :)  As I prepare to plan Emery's first birthday, I look back at just a year ago awaiting her arrival!  I will be posting party planning details this week of her first birthday that is just one month away!!!!

This darling baby shower, planned and designed by Ashley Shimer Event Design, is overflowing with pretty pink details. It was the perfect way to celebrate the little baby girl on the way for this lucky mom-to-be! The tone was set with gorgeous paper goods from Modern Moments Designs that are delicate and beautifully feminine. Latte Da in Vancouver, WA provided both a lovely venue for the event along with delicious catering. Guests satisfied their sweet tooth with beautiful cakes made by the expecting mom’s father, pink cake pops adorned with charms, french macarons, and fresh berries. They also had a bit of crafty fun making adorable headbands for the baby on the way at a headband station stocked with pretty embellishments. All of these lovely images were captured by Courtney Jade Photography, and you can see more in the full gallery.

view entire gallery
Event Design and Planning: Ashley Shimer Event Design
Paper Goods: Modern Moments Designs
Photography: Courtney Jade Photography
Venue and Catering: Latte Da in Vancouver, WA
Macarons: Bleu Door Bakery