Monday, July 29, 2013

July's Cara Box

July's theme was "Sail Away (Nautical)".
Everyone was supposed to get to know their partners and create a box containing items that related to things they love surrounding the nautical trend. This month I was paired with Jessi at and Aukele from I had so much fun getting to know both ladies and LOVED being a part of Cara Box.  If you are interested in joining the fun in August visit Kaitlyn over at her blog   Below is my box from Jessica :) She went above and beyond and I was thrilled with everything she sent.

I mean how cute was the packaging!!!!  She sent me a beautiful necklace and bracelet set that had coral and gold sea shells which I am in love with.  I am such a jewelry junkie and this will go perfect with so many things :) Also she sent me a fabulous nautical tote bag which is perfect for really anything!  She sent me a fun striped key chain, gold metallic nail polish and a super cute hot pink cowl neck scarf!  I mean she really nailed everything about what I love :)  Jessica I heart you and it was so great getting to know you.  I look forward to continuing our blogging friendship.

Aukele I plan on stalking your Bob's Salt shop on Etsy for some good cooking spices in the near future.  Your jewelry line is also fabulous and will be contacting you soon about possible business ventures. 

To both of my Cara box partners, thank you so much for your advice and friendship and I look forward to continuing our conversations :)

Love and hugs,


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Citrus Lane-July Box Review

So I am sure many of you subscribe to or know about monthly box clubs whether it be Birchbox, Ipsy, Barkbox, etc.  There really are so many different companies now that offer a monthly box, that it is so hard to pick and choose which one or ones to subscribe to.  Most monthly box clubs range in price but average that I have seen is around $20-$25 a monthly.  Well I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and sign up for a new monthly box club called Citrus Lane.  This box club is geared for babies and kids and is $25.00 a month.  They specialize the box for different age groups which is perfect.  Since Emmy is 9 months I subscribed for the 6-9 month age group and the box was tailored to that age range.  Here is July's box.  I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the items in the box.

 If you would like to sign up here is the link that will save you $10.00 off your first box!  That is such a great deal to try it out and see what you think as well :)
 This was how the box came and at first glance what was inside.  I had been eagerly awaiting to get this and see if it was up to what I had been reading about :)  I really liked all the things inside the box.

This card is for a discount code for Personalized Postcards made with your own pictures.  Pretty cute idea and I will be checking into this.  Could be great for thank you notes from Emmy.

This is a fun toy for Emmy to play with and it has already been a hit!  It twist and turns into different shapes and is really nice quality.  It is a great stimulation toy that keeps Emmy busy and occupied :)

This product is a nice travel size for on the go or possibly even for Grandma's house.  It has a great scent which I am all about and California Baby is a favorite product of mine already :)


Nurturmeal packet is a dehydrated food that mixed with water, breast milk, or formula makes a convenient meal.  Emmy liked the flavor of this and I will be looking for it in my local stores soon :)

 These are stack able cups for on the go food dispensing.  The top has a spout to dispense formula.  Since I don't use formula this may or may not come in handy for other snacks.  The one thing I didn't like about these cups was that it didn't have other lids to snap on the cups if you only wanted to use one.  You have to stack them together and have the spout and cover lid in order to make it work.  Nice quality  but mixed review.
These were anti-bacterial wipes which was a nice addition :)  If you know me, then you know I love having different types of wipes.  In my diaper bag currently I have 4 different types of wipes for different things; face, binkie, butt, etc!  My motto is that you can never have too many!  These definitely will be going into use!
Overall, I have to say that the Citrus Lane monthly box was a hit and I will be continuing my monthly subscription :) Be on the look out for more reviews!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obsessed with Wednesday's-Carter's New Fall Line

Well it's Wednesday which means it is time for my weekly obsession. This week I am obsessed with Carter's clothing for the little Miss! Before I ever decided to have kids I was a manager for The Children's Place retail stores. I was familiar with Carter's because of course they are a competitor of The Children's Place. Since I didn't have kids at the time I never bought anything from Carter's but was familiar with their clothing. When I got pregnant I received a TON of stuff from Carter's at my baby shower and from family and friends. I fell in love with everything from Carter's and soon decided to go do some of my own shopping. Lucky (or maybe not) enough for me there are two Carter's outlet stores near where I live :) Let's just say my first shopping trip was a sucess and 3 bags full later I had almost every outfit and accessory to match! Of course when you shop at their store you get signed up for emails and they give you coupons and you are hooked! I just can't resist the cuteness! Well Carter's just recently launched their Fall line and it is ADORABLE! This last weekend I made a little trip to my nearest Carter's store and again bought the full line. Emmy can't even wear half the stuff yet because 1. It's not her size yet and 2. Most of it is for Fall and cooler weather :) Here are some of the things she will be sporting in a couple months :)  I know I went a little, okay maybe A LOT, overboard but I couldn't resist how cute Emmy will look in all her new outfits this fall!

Hugs and Happy shopping :)


Carter's Fall Line for little Miss

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week in Review

Hello again blogging world!  I am back from vacation and it feels good to be back :)  I tell ya, however good it feels to go on vacation, sometimes it feels just as good to come back!  It was a busy last week of travelling with baby, visiting family, trying to stay cool from the Indiana heat and humidity and some relaxation.  Overall it was a success!  I am happy to say that baby Emmy did AMAZING :)  She was such a trooper the entire week, but most of all did great on the plane which I was really nervous about.  The flight to Indiana she pretty much slept the entire time which I was grateful for and I am sure all the other flying passengers were as well.  This was her sleeping so peacefully on my lap all sprawled out :)

Saturday was a fun relaxing day visiting the local farmers market and shops.  Zionsville, Indiana is the cutest little town outside of Indianapolis.  It has great character in the houses and local shops. I could definitely live here if I could convince my husband :)  this is a picture of Emmy and I outside of a local art gallery.  We had so   much fun! 

The first 3 days were spent with my Grandma Rose in Zionsville.  She lives on her own now and is doing well.  This was the most relaxing part of our trip.  We were able to just hang out, have iced tea on the patio and enjoy her beautiful home.  My grandma is a artist at heart and when my grandfather passed away she converted her tool shed into an art studio where she could paint.  These are just a few pictures I took of her and her studio :)

This is my uncle Jimmy and I on his bike.  As a child I remember taking rides on his bike and it was always a blast!  He brought his bike all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma and took everyone, including me and my 87 year old Grandma, on a ride and it was just like I remembered!  What a fun week this was :)

Here is the cabin we stayed at in Nashville, Indiana. It was enormous and fit almost the entire crew!  Such a beautiful place.

This was Emmy after some Outlet shopping.  It was extremely HOT and HUMID that day I am not sure what we were thinking, but you can never pass up on Outlet shopping. Earlier in the day she was of course sporting a cute headband but the heat killed it and this was her baby mo-hawk she sported instead :)

Overall our vacation was a success and I couldn't be more proud of little Miss Emery for being such a good baby the entire week with flying, getting passed around to strangers (aka Family),  and dealing with the heat and humidity like a Champ!



Thursday, July 11, 2013

9 months

So tomorrow marks Emmy turning 9 months!!!  Wow where has the time gone.  We will be flying to Indiana to visit family for a week so I will be absent from the blogging world.  I have been keeping a journal of Emmy's milestones in a handwritten journal but figured since I have started to blog I would just journal her growth here.

Growth- Well we won't know your exact stats until we get back from vacation and go to your 9 month check-up, but I can say that you are growing like a weed.  You are wearing 12 month clothing and are in a size 3 diapers.  You are such a little chunky monkey and I just love it!

New Happenings-This month you have been learning to crawl, stand, and walk with assistance.  I really cannot believe how active you are.  You definitely keep your mommy and daddy busy :)  You are so independent and just want to go! You said 'dadda' and 'mama' this week and I was so proud :)  You love to babble away and don't have much volume control as your daddy would like to say...just like your mama!  You are too smart for your own good and are in to everything.  You love anything that is not yours, ie: mommy's cell phone, cups, magazines, remotes, etc.  You have so many toys but choose to go after anything you shouldn't have.  You love to wave bye-bye and love to look at yourself in the mirror...a little princess in training!
Likes-Your favorites are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings, your lambie wubanub, sleep sheep for nap time, mommy's cell phone to chew on, remote controls to change the channels, eating (you would prefer to eat whatever mommy and daddy are eating but can't yet), standing and trying to walk around, taking baths, and many more things I could list.  You really are at such a fun stage :)

Dislikes-You hate going to sleep, you fight it like a warrior. Getting into your car seat is also a struggle.  Once you are in you are fine but getting you in is another issue.  Having your diaper changes by mommy.  I am not sure why this is but with everyone else you are okay but love to throw a tantrum when I do it.  You dislike being sat down.  You always want to be in the mix of things and when you aren't you get very upset.
Eating and Sleeping- You love to eat!  You love trying new things and would honestly like to try everything if you could!  Your favorites are sweet potatoes, green beans, apples, teething biscuits, and lots more!  Sleeping is getting better once you finally fall asleep.  You generally go to bed between 7-8:00 every night and then wake up around 3:30-4:00 to breastfeed.  You like to wake up by 5:30-6:00 every morning just in time for mommy to get ready and go to work.  You don't really nap though.  If anything you are a power napper and sleep for 10-15 mins. and then are up ready to go! 
You are such a sweet baby and love to be around people.  We are so lucky to be your parents and enjoy watching you change and grow each month. I am excited to take you to Indiana this week to see family and to introduce your cuteness to everyone :)

We LOVE you lots and lots Mimi <3  Kisses, Mommy and Daddy



Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wildcard Wednesday

It's Wednesday which means it is time for a link up going on over at Mal Smiles and a few other girls :)  Go check it out and join the fun!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Sweeptakes is happening over at The Small Things Blog

Hey Everyone :)

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Kate over at The Small Things :)  She is doing a sweepstakes right now for a $50 Visa gift card.  I mean who doesn't want that right?!  Her blog post today is all about Revlon's new PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector. I have been dying to take the plunge and try a BB cream and this sounds like my perfect one ;)  I can't wait to try it out just in time for my summer vacation.
BB Cream Skin Perfector

Be sure to go over to The Small Things Blog and enter for your chance to win!  Good luck

Disclosure:  I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing this blog post.

Obsessed with Wednesday's-Pinterest


So Pinterest has been an obsession for awhile now.  I started 'Pinning' a couple years ago when it was first starting to make waves.  At the time I remember signing up and being on a wait list for approval!  Once I was accepted it took me a few months to figure out what Pinterest was all about and how the heck it worked.  For the longest time I could not figure out how to 'Pin' an image.  I had the button and was pinning images but then they would never save to a board for whatever reason.  Finally one day I had the 'ah ha' moment and realized I needed some sort of description in the box in order for the image to properly save :)  So now a couple years later I have 103 Boards with over 8,000 Pins and 507 Followers!!!!  Pinterest has definitely become my OCD at its worst.  All my boards are specifically name it I probably have a Board for it :)  Pinterest is not just an obsession but an ADDICTION.  I remember in the beginning days I would spend an entire day off in front of my computer 'pinning' away!  My husband thought I had lost my mind and didn't understand this obsession at all.  For me, Pinterest is a form of therapy for my dreams, wishes, wants and alternate reality of sorts.  Below are just a few of what I have been Pinning lately :)  What are your favorite Boards or Pins?

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4th of July Fashion


Kinky Blow Pop Martini {Kinky Liqueur, Bubble Gum Vodka, Pink Lemonade, Lemon Lime Soda, & Blow Pop}

Charlottesville Condo

custom pink first birthday party invitation photo envelope liner of the birthday girl
m e r m a i d . d e s s e r t . t a b l e


replacing closet doors with curtains