Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Obsessed with Wednesday's-Carter's New Fall Line

Well it's Wednesday which means it is time for my weekly obsession. This week I am obsessed with Carter's clothing for the little Miss! Before I ever decided to have kids I was a manager for The Children's Place retail stores. I was familiar with Carter's because of course they are a competitor of The Children's Place. Since I didn't have kids at the time I never bought anything from Carter's but was familiar with their clothing. When I got pregnant I received a TON of stuff from Carter's at my baby shower and from family and friends. I fell in love with everything from Carter's and soon decided to go do some of my own shopping. Lucky (or maybe not) enough for me there are two Carter's outlet stores near where I live :) Let's just say my first shopping trip was a sucess and 3 bags full later I had almost every outfit and accessory to match! Of course when you shop at their store you get signed up for emails and they give you coupons and you are hooked! I just can't resist the cuteness! Well Carter's just recently launched their Fall line and it is ADORABLE! This last weekend I made a little trip to my nearest Carter's store and again bought the full line. Emmy can't even wear half the stuff yet because 1. It's not her size yet and 2. Most of it is for Fall and cooler weather :) Here are some of the things she will be sporting in a couple months :)  I know I went a little, okay maybe A LOT, overboard but I couldn't resist how cute Emmy will look in all her new outfits this fall!

Hugs and Happy shopping :)


Carter's Fall Line for little Miss

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