Friday, August 30, 2013

August Citrus Lane reveal

Well I am a little behind on posting my August Citrus Lane box. This month's box did not disappoint!  Here is the reveal :)

This month's box included the fantastic All natural hand sanitizing wipes.  I love me some good wipes and these did not disappoint!  They are sitting in my kitchen for cleaning up Miss Emmy after eating :) The wipes have a lovely orange vanilla scent.

Emmy LOVES balls right now! My mom purchased her one while we are on vacation and she loved it!  This sweet little ball is the perfect size for her and how cute are the little ballerinas!
This book is very cute and very sturdy.  You can never have too many books!

This is a coupon code to Fabkids for a Free outfit.  They have some very adorable things :)

Love these little socks and they are organic cotton!  They fit perfect on Emmy's feet and don't easily fall off like so many of her socks do!

Overall I was very impressed with this month's box.  I love that Emmy will be able to get use out of all the items and for the price it is such a great deal for everything you get :)  Again if you would like to join in on the Citrus Lane bandwagon here is a link

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

House Hunting

House hunting! Oh the joys!  It is such an exciting time and such a nerve racking time.  My husband and I have owned our current house since 2006.  When we first bought our house we always knew it was not our forever home but really just our starter home.  We never really thought at that time that we would have kids or grow our family, so our 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath home was perfect for us.  Well now 7 years later things have changed and we are rapidly growing out of our home and space.  So here we are on the brinks of putting our house on the market and possibly getting a new home.  We have been "window shopping" as my husband likes to say and here are a few we are looking at.

Photos courtesy of SummerPlace Homes Inc.

612 Nw 70th Cir
4063 Ne 107th St
4063 Ne 107th St
2316 Nw 4th Ave

2316 Nw 4th Ave

115 Ne 14th Ave
115 Ne 14th Ave
2615 Ne 50th Cir

2615 Ne 50th Cir

Photos above from ZipRealty

So the next part of our process with be to get our house on the market which seems like such a daunting task!  Living in a house for 7 years you acquire many things and since having a baby that has multiplied even more!  What are some tips or advice you have for de-cluttering and packing?  I don't even know where to start?!


Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Months

Well today marks Emmy turning 10 months!  Every month I cannot believe how quickly time flies by and how much my little baby changes!  This month has been no different.  Emmy is into EVERYTHING!  She is completely mobile now.  I thought I was tired before, but now the fun has really begun (insert sarcasm here :)  She really is at such a fun stage but keeps this mama on her toes as I chase her around the house.  She no longer wants to cuddle, but wants to GO and quickly! Pictures are VERY CHALLEGING these days!  She does not want to sit still for anything and my camera is definitely not fast enough to capture her quick enough. This month has also been a tough teething month as she tries to break her top two teeth through.  The bottom two were nothing in comparison to these ones.  We had a few really rough days of runny nose, fever, no sleeping, lots of tears and crankiness.  I hope this gets easier, but from what I hear this is only the beginning!

 Growth- Well at your 9 month checkup you were 18.5 lbs which is in the 45% to weight and 27 1/2 inches tall which is in the 50 %.  You are finally starting to slow down a little on the growth scale.  You are wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers. 
 New happenings- Well you are fully mobile and loving every minute of it.  You crawl around every where and are pulling yourself up onto anything you can.  You want to walk so badly and can with help but just not ready to fully let go.  You are still teething and trying to break through your top two teeth. You keep your mommy and daddy very busy these days and we are loving it!
 Likes and Dislikes- Well not much has changed in this department since last month.  You love to take your nightly baths, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings, drinking water from your sippy cup or a glass, chocolate ice cream, your sleep sheep, and still sometimes your lambie wubanub depending on your mood!  You still hate getting into your car seat, having your diaper changed by mommy or grandma, and the last of the ice cream.  I created a monster in you by ever letting you taste mommy's ice cream. 

Eating and Sleeping- You love to eat just like your mama!  You would love to be able to eat and try everything we are eating.  You are such a good eater and I hope this continues.  Sleeping is still hit and miss.  Teething has not helped this month for sure!  I have confidence that you will be back on a regular sleeping pattern soon :)

You are such a sweet baby girl and we love you to pieces!  You bring such joy to our lives and we are so blessed to have you! It is hard to believe that in just a couple months you will be one years old :(  I hope you know how much your are loved and adored.
Hugs, kisses and loves <3
Your Mommy and Daddy

Friday, August 9, 2013

Five On Friday!

Hello again :)  Well I have been a little MIA lately but I am back in action this morning.  Today I am linking up for the 'Five On Friday'.

1. Well it has begun.  My baby girl is mobile!  I knew this day was fast approaching but I don't think I was truly ready for her to be into EVERYTHING!  She is standing up and pulling herself up onto anything and everything she can.  I have to admit I am a little excited to finally have a reason to put her in adorable shoes that actually have a functional purpose now :)  These shoes are by Wee Squeak  Their shoes are designed to squeak when kids walk.  I do have to admit I am such a hypocrite because I said I would never buy these or allow my baby to have these before I was a mom and now I say they are a god send! 


2. Sequin Hangers by Pearls and Pastries I started following this shops designer Lauren on Instagram and became a huge fan :)  Her shop has wonderful goodies and I just couldn't resist not having these sequin hangers for Emery! 

3. Bugerville Smoothies!  Okay I have to say that if you do not live in the Pacific Northwest you do not get the pleasure of all that is Bugerville goodness!!!!  They offer fresh and locally grown food products.  My absolute favorite thing about Bugerville is their seasonal milkshakes and smoothies.  Right now in season is Blackberries.  Below is a picture of my delicious Blackberry smoothie :)
if you are ever visiting the NW be sure to check out a local Bugerville.
4.Wednesday was my third wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to my amazing and wonderful husband Chad!

5. Coach outlet shopping :)  I am a sucker for anything Coach! A good friend of mine Brianna just graduated with her Bachelor's in Teaching and also just recently got engaged.  I am so happy for her and decided that she needed the perfect Coach bag to start her new career.  I went with the one on the right for functionality purposes and for its size to hold folders and other goodies.  Congrats Brianna and to new beginnings :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!