Friday, August 9, 2013

Five On Friday!

Hello again :)  Well I have been a little MIA lately but I am back in action this morning.  Today I am linking up for the 'Five On Friday'.

1. Well it has begun.  My baby girl is mobile!  I knew this day was fast approaching but I don't think I was truly ready for her to be into EVERYTHING!  She is standing up and pulling herself up onto anything and everything she can.  I have to admit I am a little excited to finally have a reason to put her in adorable shoes that actually have a functional purpose now :)  These shoes are by Wee Squeak  Their shoes are designed to squeak when kids walk.  I do have to admit I am such a hypocrite because I said I would never buy these or allow my baby to have these before I was a mom and now I say they are a god send! 


2. Sequin Hangers by Pearls and Pastries I started following this shops designer Lauren on Instagram and became a huge fan :)  Her shop has wonderful goodies and I just couldn't resist not having these sequin hangers for Emery! 

3. Bugerville Smoothies!  Okay I have to say that if you do not live in the Pacific Northwest you do not get the pleasure of all that is Bugerville goodness!!!!  They offer fresh and locally grown food products.  My absolute favorite thing about Bugerville is their seasonal milkshakes and smoothies.  Right now in season is Blackberries.  Below is a picture of my delicious Blackberry smoothie :)
if you are ever visiting the NW be sure to check out a local Bugerville.
4.Wednesday was my third wedding anniversary!  Happy Anniversary to my amazing and wonderful husband Chad!

5. Coach outlet shopping :)  I am a sucker for anything Coach! A good friend of mine Brianna just graduated with her Bachelor's in Teaching and also just recently got engaged.  I am so happy for her and decided that she needed the perfect Coach bag to start her new career.  I went with the one on the right for functionality purposes and for its size to hold folders and other goodies.  Congrats Brianna and to new beginnings :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you! I love to see wedding pictures. and your little girl's shoes are tooooo cute!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by my little blog :) I need to post my wedding album one of these days!

  2. Those little shoes are just toooooo cute! Happy anniversary! I want to go to a Coach Outlet, the nearest on is about 4 hours away. :(

    1. Thanks Katelyn :) Coach Outlets are dangerous for me and I have two that are very close to where I live! They do have a Coach outlet now online that has some very good deals too :)