Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week in Review

Hello again blogging world!  I am back from vacation and it feels good to be back :)  I tell ya, however good it feels to go on vacation, sometimes it feels just as good to come back!  It was a busy last week of travelling with baby, visiting family, trying to stay cool from the Indiana heat and humidity and some relaxation.  Overall it was a success!  I am happy to say that baby Emmy did AMAZING :)  She was such a trooper the entire week, but most of all did great on the plane which I was really nervous about.  The flight to Indiana she pretty much slept the entire time which I was grateful for and I am sure all the other flying passengers were as well.  This was her sleeping so peacefully on my lap all sprawled out :)

Saturday was a fun relaxing day visiting the local farmers market and shops.  Zionsville, Indiana is the cutest little town outside of Indianapolis.  It has great character in the houses and local shops. I could definitely live here if I could convince my husband :)  this is a picture of Emmy and I outside of a local art gallery.  We had so   much fun! 

The first 3 days were spent with my Grandma Rose in Zionsville.  She lives on her own now and is doing well.  This was the most relaxing part of our trip.  We were able to just hang out, have iced tea on the patio and enjoy her beautiful home.  My grandma is a artist at heart and when my grandfather passed away she converted her tool shed into an art studio where she could paint.  These are just a few pictures I took of her and her studio :)

This is my uncle Jimmy and I on his bike.  As a child I remember taking rides on his bike and it was always a blast!  He brought his bike all the way from Tulsa, Oklahoma and took everyone, including me and my 87 year old Grandma, on a ride and it was just like I remembered!  What a fun week this was :)

Here is the cabin we stayed at in Nashville, Indiana. It was enormous and fit almost the entire crew!  Such a beautiful place.

This was Emmy after some Outlet shopping.  It was extremely HOT and HUMID that day I am not sure what we were thinking, but you can never pass up on Outlet shopping. Earlier in the day she was of course sporting a cute headband but the heat killed it and this was her baby mo-hawk she sported instead :)

Overall our vacation was a success and I couldn't be more proud of little Miss Emery for being such a good baby the entire week with flying, getting passed around to strangers (aka Family),  and dealing with the heat and humidity like a Champ!



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