Tuesday, October 22, 2013

One year

I have been a bit absent lately from blogging!  Life has been a bit crazy and hectic lately with work and party planning for my sweet little Miss :)  I really can't believe that I am writing this post that my baby girl is officially a year old!  WOW it seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital getting ready to have her!  This year has brought so much joy to my life with the addition of Emery.  She continues to grow and change daily and I am such a proud mommy.

Her first birthday party was a success.  We mainly just had family and close friends over and it was a lot of fun.  Her are some of the details.

 Here is my sweet baby girl all dressed up for her party!!!

Update: At your yearly doctors appointment on 10/14/13 you weighed in at 21lbs 10oz and measured at 29.5 inches tall. 
Below is her year in review pictures.  Looking back at all these pictures was so much fun :) Starting from the most recent.
September 12, 2013- 11 months old

August 12, 2013- 10 months old

July 12, 2013- 9 months old
Fourth of July 2013 (almost 9 months)

June 12, 2013- 8 months old
May 12, 2013- 7 months old
April 12, 2013- 6 months old
Easter 2013
St. Patrick's Day
March 12, 2013- 5 Months old
February 12, 2013- 4 months old
January 12, 2013- 3months old
New years 2013
December 21, 2012-Santa picture day
December 12, 2012- 2 months old
November- 1 month old

Our little Miss Emery!  looking back you were such a tiny little bean and I cannot believe this past year went by so quickly!!!!  It has been such a joy to watch your grow and change each and every month.  I will continue to tell you that you have changed our lives in so many ways. We feel so blessed God sent you to us and that we get to be your parents!  We love you more than anything in this world!!!! 

Kisses and Hugs your Mommy and Daddy

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