Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I'm Back and with a 16 month update :)

***DISCLAIMER- I am having technical difficulties (surprise) loading pictures to this post :( For now it is just a narrative.  Hope to have pictures posted soon****

Well it has come to my attention that I have been MIA for the past 4 months!  Wow has it really been that long?!!!! It was a goal of mine this year to make this blog my own and really commit to it, however life and my time has taken a different course unfortunately.  I would really love for this blog to get its own special look and feel, but again that takes time and someone with talent doing these sort of things to help me out. So with all that said this blog will be my work in progress and I am going to TRY VERY HARD to keep updating weekly if only to post a simple picture :)

I am telling you running after a now 16 month old toddler is TOUGH!  I clearly was not prepared for this stage at all, but frankly how can you be. I thought since today Emery is 16 months that I desperately needed to update for the sake of documentation since so much has changed in just the last 4 months. 

You love running around causing mischief, you talk non-stop but nothing of which we quite understand yet, you are into EVERYTHING, you love the puppy dogs, your favorite time of day is bath time, though you HATE getting out of the bath even when the water is all gone. You love going to Grandma and Grandpa's house, you love brushing your teeth, and you love your cuddles when you are tired. 

You are sleeping pretty well now.  You generally go to bed at around 8:00pm and then will toss and turn at about 1:00pm for a bottle, but then will fall asleep until about 6:30am.  You still wake up from time to time from a bad dream, but just need some cuddles to make it all better.  You generally take 2 naps during the day which range from an hour or two.  You hate sleeping in your own room and most of the time sleep in your pack in play in mommy and daddy's room.  We are hoping you will start to like your room soon :)

You are such a good eater!  There is nothing you won't try and we haven't found anything that you hate when it comes to food.  You are not a huge fan of Swiss cheese but you will eat it if given.  We are so very thankful you are not a picky eater and hope that does not change.  You always want what everyone else is having and you are always standing by your own bite.

You have 12 teeth now.  6 on top and 6 on bottom.  You have your first year molars in on the top and bottom.  That was not a fun process for you to break in those bad boys.  Teething has been hard for you.  Every time you start to teeth you get them in pairs and run high fevers.  The molars were especially hard because you also had an ear infection during that time.  We are hoping that we are done for a little while, because you are a much happier baby when not breaking in teeth.

You are still wearing 18 month clothing but not for much longer.  You have had another growth spurt, which means we need to start shopping for 24 month size.  You are still wearing a size 4 diaper and hoping to start your potty training soon. We purchased a cute Princess potty for you and you seem interested but not yet sure if you want to sit on it to go pee.  You love to take your diaper off and run around the house naked whenever you get the chance.  We hope this is your way of showing us that you are almost ready :) You still hate having your diaper changed and we can't figure out why.  We think you just hate diapers in general.

You say mama, dada, and now shoe!!!!  You talk A LOT but we have not translated all your babbles into actual words yet.  We are truly anxious to find out what you are saying.

Your favorite things to play with are your baby dolls, any type of bowls especially the dogs bowls, your many balls, your farm animal puzzle, your 'talk and say' which plays fun music, and you love cell phones! 

These past several months have gone by in a flash, but we have had so much fun! 

Luvs and Hugs,

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