Friday, June 28, 2013

Confessional Fridays

Today I am linking up with Leslie over at A Blonde Ambition for her weekly 'Confessional Fridays'  This weeks topic is Pet Peeves!  Oh my goodness I think we could all use a good rant every once in awhile.  So here it goes :)

1. People who are late! Oh my goodness I think it must of been how I was raised but to me being on time in running behind.  Being a manager most of my career being late is a non-negotiable!  when you are counting on someone to be on-time for a shift and then they are late it delays everyone else.  I guess I just hate waiting on people; as if I don't have other things to do :)  Rant #1 over :)

2. On the same line as people who are late, what about appointments that are not on-time. I think I experience this the most at the doctors office!  I swear doctors are never on-time.  Why have an appointment time scheduled if they aren't going to be there at that time anyways!  If we as the patient are late, oh man we pay for it, either by the office cancelling our appointment or charging us a late fee.  I think we should be the ones charging the late fee.  In all fairness it isn't just at the doctors office, but appointments in general!

3. Leaving the toilet seat up!  Come on ladies are you with me on this one?  I despise when my husband leaves the toilet seat up!  I think in the past month it may be slightly getting better now that baby Emmy is almost mobile....thank goodness!

4. Cell Phones!  Okay I realize we live in an age of techy gadgets and cell phones are a way of life but there is a time and place; at the check out counter or at work meetings I think they are out of place.

So what are some of your Pet Peeves?  Come join the link up here

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)


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  1. Lol!! I hate being late for appointments and my other half is more laid back on this subject. It is definitely NO FUN!!!