Friday, June 21, 2013

FIVE ON FRIDAYS-Summer time Love

Okay so I am trying to do a link up for the 'Five On Fridays' This will be my first time trying it out so here it goes ;)

1.Summer BBQ's- I love that the weather is finally starting to get nicer here in the Pacific Northwest and it is finally time to uncover the BBQ and start grilling up some deliciousness! 

2. Family Vacations- This summer we are making the trip east to visit family and staying at the lake. Traveling with a baby (more on that coming soon) should be interesting but we are excited nonetheless :) 

3. Time for some color- If you live where I do you will understand that most of the year it rains and we don't see much of the sun.  My skin starts to glow a pasty white (scary I know :)  Anyways, I love using this Jergens Natural Glow lotion.  It gives me just the right amount of color without looking orange and it now comes in an 'odor free' formula so you don't smell like a tanning bed!

4. Swimming Suits- I cannot wait to put the mini in these cute little swim suits!  I could die they are so cute, and with her chubby rolls oh my goodness it is going to be so cute.  I purchased these a couple months ago from Carter's. The one at the bottom is for this sassy mom of course.  I have never really been a bikini bod and this suit from Target is retro inspired and very figure flattering.
1-Piece Ruffle Swimsuit
Beach Darling
Merona® Women's 1-Piece Swimdress -Black Quick Information
5. Summer time fun with friends!  Overall I am just looking forward to spending some good old fun times with our friends.  I am thinking happy hours on the waterfront sound amazing right now :) Below is one of my favorite local spots McMenamins on the Columbia.  Great happy hour that has local brews and wines.

Cheers to a great weekend!

Hugs, Darcy

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  1. OH MY Goodness, I am a HUGE fan of waterfront!!! I want to just step into you photo above and sit there ALL DAY...and maybe even ALL NIGHT!! So beautiful!!!