Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Obsessed with Wednesday's-Online Shopping

So every Wednesday I hope to blog about things I am 'obsessed' with, whether it be my personal favorites, Emmy's favorites, or just things I am loving at the moment. 

This week I thought I would start with a new favorite obsession; Online Shopping!  I tell you, since I became a new mom I have a new found love for doing things online; especially shopping!  I use to hate shopping online.  I am the one who would love to just go browse and try things on, a total hands on person.  Once I had Emery that all changed.  It is work now to leave the house to even go grocery shopping let alone any other kind of shopping.  I am sure if you are a mom you understand what I am talking about.  While I was on maternity leave and Emmy (as a newborn) was sleeping I would love to go onto Etsy and Amazon and find cute baby stuff.  I think Chad was happy when I finally did go back to work so that I could support this new found obsession :)  Below are just a couple of my online shopping sites I love to stalk and a few of my new purchases.

Etsy- A favorite of mine for all things handmade.  I love shopping on Etsy for gifts for friends and family and I buy a TON of stuff for Emmy (mostly headbands :)

My favorite shop for Emmy's headbands is Jameson Monroe.  They make the cutest headbands. They will make you a custom order based on what you are looking for as well.  Chelsea and Megan are beyond amazing and great to work with. I am in love with everything they make.  I have more headbands from them than I would like to admit to.  Check their page out here:

Here is a Custom headband they made for Emmy's first birthday pictures (yes I am already planning every detail ).  I absolutely love how it turned out. 

NEW Paris Chic II- Perfect for Birthdays, Weddings, Holidays,  Newborn, Photo props, Family Photos
Amazon- I love Amazon because they sell pretty much everything you could need or want, and their prices are normally better than you can find anywhere else.  A lot of stores like Target now will price match Amazon.  If you have Amazon Prime, which I highly recommend if you order a lot like I do, you get FREE two-day shipping and returns! (Note: make sure to check if the order is shipped through Amazon or is on a back order because this could delay your 2 day ship which I just recently discovered)  Yes Please!  They also now offer free online streaming of movies and tv shows which is a nice bonus. Here are a couple things I just recently ordered :)

GroopDealz- Oh man!  This site is addicting!!!! I found this site through Jameson Monroe, of course :)  They started having deals on some of their headbands on this site, and I have been obsessed ever since!  This site offers daily deals on fun things like baby stuff , jewelry, clothes and other miscellaneous things that I probably don't need :) Here are a couple of my favorites.

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